// BRICKS_strong

Sound Installation, 2016 (cartboard bricks 25cm x 13cm x 7cm, speaker, microcontroller, ibeacons)


After one flees from war and enteres europe... how does someone hold up? how does he/she move on?
People who actually fled from war and live here in vienna with unknown asylum-status have recorded their answer on some of the cartboard bricks. There is a bigger structure in the room where, if you approach, holding one of that bricks, you will hear actual news-feeds regarding the refugee crisis in europe getting louder and louder.
This mobile installation also uses you, the participiant, as carrier, composer and arranger.

How it works:

There is a big cardboard box in the room where, if you approach with a brick with pre-recorded voices of Refugees, you will hear actual news-feeds regarding the refugee crisis in austria getting louder and louder. If you move all the small bricks away from it will remain quiet.
You can record your own voice on the bricks by flipping them over. You can listen to your own recording in combination to the existing ones. You can carry them around as you like and you may leave the brick anywhere in the exhibition space or re-arrange existing structures.

Special thanks to:

Sarah Gaderer for her big support and concept ideas!
Paras Sood and Patrick Fodor for their Python Scripting and their help;
The two Syrian Boys who were participating (they wanted to stay anonymous)

// BRICKS_transit

Sound Installation / Expeditionsperformance für Klangmanifeste 2018

Diese Transit-Installation verwendet mehrere ziegelförmige Kartonobjekte, in welchen verschiedene Aufnahmen und Interviews von Maschinen und Menschen zu hören sind. Diese Aufnahmen wurden hier entlang des Weges, im Zuge der Ausstellung, vom Echoraum bis zum Maschinenraum aufgenommen und zeigen unter anderem: mehrere Supermarktkassen, eine Sex-Arbeiterin, einen Arbeiter nach Feierabend, eine Kunststudentin, einen Bankomaten, Shop-Besitzer, einen Raumplaner der Stadtentwicklung;
Weiters gibt es als Abschluß der Performance eine Sound Performance im Maschinenraum. Dabei ist ein Live Remix, der aus verschiedenen Aufnahmen der Ausstellung entstanden ist, zu hören.

This transit-installation uses brick-sized Cartboardobjects with various recordings and interviews of humans and machines. The recordings were made during this exhibtion, along the way from echo-room to machine-room.
Beside others you can listen to: a bunch of supermarket cash-registers, a sex-worker, a worker after his shift, an art-student, a ATM machine, shop keeper, a planning officer from a city department; At the machine-room the performance will end with a live remix of all the surroundings and field recordings i made during the exhibition.